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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

As Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, I wanted to share some last minute gift ideas. Why not gift a monthly subscription box? I have admit that I have a slight obsession with monthly subscription boxes. They make perfect gifts, especially because you can send a gift subscription for multiple months. So the gift keeps on giving and surprises show up on a regular basis.

I've been a subscriber to the PopSugar MustHave Box. Above is what came in the February 2017 box. This subscription box costs $40/month and comes filled with over $100 worth of curated items. I'm going to start going in to details of my future boxes here on this blog. But for now, use this link and enter code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

PopSugar also launch a mini box that costs $20/month. It contains items valued around $40. It's a great option if your budget is a little tighter.

Another monthly subscription box that I love getting is the BeautyFix Box from Dermstore.

For $25/month, I get 6 full sized and deluxe travel sized items. They are always top quality brands and usually items that are new to me. The $25 price is for an auto-renewed membership. You can pay $35 to get a one time box. If you click the link here you can get $10 gift card with your first purchase. New email subscribers can get 20% off their entire purchase as well.

(Photo Credit: Brew from Bespoke Post)

The final monthly subscription box I'll suggest today is one I get for my husband, Bespoke Post. Above is the Brew Box that I got him a few months back. Below you'll see the Prost Box that I got him last month. My husband is from Munich, and beer is essential to life for him, so these boxes were two of his favorites!

I love Bespoke Post because you can skip a month, add on to you Box, or even switch your Box around. They will recommend a box based on your profile or shopping history and will send you your suggested box. You have several days to change your box, add on or cancel that months box. If you do nothing, they will ship the recommended box right out to you, usually mid-month. Shipping is free and gift subscriptions are available.

I've been subscribed to this box for over two years. I've skipped a couple months, but usually I get at least one box, sometimes two, because the items also make great gifts. And many items are just great for the home, like this tea set I selected for this month.

(Photo Credit:Bespoke Post)

I have three free boxes that I can give away to new subscribers. If you would like to get a free box, click here.

Bespoke Post also launched a new deluxe box service. They cost a bit more, but they look worth it! I have this popcorn popper set in my cart right now.

(Photo Credit:Bespoke Post)

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. If you've already gotten all your Valentine's Day gifts together, why not get a subscription for yourself?

Wishing you all lots of love!


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